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  • Bettolina wreck in Sestri
    The Motorlighter (bettolina)
    A vessel is sailing the Ligurian sea in a cold night of February 1944 with a four German mariners crew; in front of Sestri Levante the soldiers hear a sudden whizzing,...
    ...
  • Cargo wreck in Sestri
    UJ2207 ISLANDE (Cargo armato)

    Usually known as “The Armed  Cargo”, the vessel was a fishing boat at the beginning, built in France in 1926.

    The German Navy requisitioned...
    ...
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Hammerhead sharks and Portofino?!?

Come and scuba dive with us

from 20th july to 6 october

and win a scuba diving cruise 

and Cressi equipment


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We dive in Portofino Marine Park:
Area Marina Protetta di Portofino

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